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A world-wide search for premium ingredients brought Hakubaku Japan to Australia’s fertile lands. They found the finest organic wheat for authentic Japanese noodles – a traditional favourite. Ballarat, Victoria has become the Australian home of Hakubaku.

In Japan,


Noodles are a staple of the Japanese diet, eaten everyday by many. Toshikoshi Soba (known as Year End Soba) is a noodle dish traditionally served on New Year’s Eve. Leading up to New Year celebrations, Japanese people are busy cleaning their homes and preparing food, so it’s customary to have a bowl of Toshikoshi Soba in this busy time. Similar to Chinese culture, long Soba noodles symbolise longevity.

New Year’s Eve Soba, The Good Fortune Noodle!

Quick healthy meals with Hakubaku  more recipe ideas

. Healthy Chicken Soba

Healthy Chicken Soba

Introduction Healthy modern option using a soba and a crunchy broccolini! (with a local shopping Center ingredient)

. Somen Salad with roasted eggplant and edamame

Somen Salad with roasted eggplant and edamame

Introduction Edamame beands will give a great taste and pop of colour to the roasted eggplant salad and can be eated warm or cold.

. Tangy Cold Cha Soba Noodles

Tangy Cold Cha Soba Noodles

Introduction Do you like your noodles tangy? This may be the meal for you.

. Hakubaku Udon and Chilli Tuna

Hakubaku Udon and Chilli Tuna

Introduction Delicious and easy. Works with any tuna and veggies. But my family's favorite is chilli tuna and purple cabbage.

. Vegan Miso and Shiitake Ramen

Vegan Miso and Shiitake Ramen

Introduction This tasty vegan ramen is made with miso and shiitake mushrooms. It's quick and easy and will fill you up.