July 2008 Newsletter

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Welcome to our Very First Edition of the Hakubaku NewsletterFactory

Hello and welcome to all of our registered members.

Thank you very much for taking the time to register your interest in the many Hakubaku products available Australia-wide.

We hope to bring you this newsletter on a bi-monthly basis to let you know what Hakubaku is up to, any new and interesting products that we have planned and to invite you to take part in some competitions that we have planned.

Our first competition will be a recipe competition so start using your noodles (in more ways than one) and come up with a great new recipe. The full details will be in our second issue.

If you have had a good look over our website you will already know something about Hakubaku Australia. But for those who are new to us, we are the only authentic Japanese noodle manufacturer in Australia.

Australian wheat is the best wheat for making a perfect Japanese noodle and this is why our factory was set up in Ballarat. A good halfway point between the grain growers of Victoria and the ports of Melbourne that allow us to export our products world-wide, including Japan.

Our parent company is in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan and was established in 1941.

Hakubaku Australia began manufacturing authentic organic Japanese noodles in 1998 and therefore has been in operation for over ten years. From initially having only three products that were sold entirely to Japan, we have built up a business that exports world-wide in an ever-increasing

We look forward to many more decades of bringing you the finest quality authentic organic Japanese noodles in the world.


Hakubaku Noodle Sauces

Hakubaku sauces were developed with Australian taste-buds in mind and taste great with Hakubaku noodles.

A quick easy meal is made when you mix together cooked noodles in a bowl with a small can of tuna in spring water (drained) and a splash of wasabi noodle sauce.

Or if you prefer, a can of soy ginger tuna and the chilli soy sauce also taste great. Serves 1

How the drought affects Hakubaku Australia.

As a consumer of a product that is manufactured using raw materials that are sourced locally, you may be wondering how Hakubaku is dealing with the extended drought that Australia is undergoing.

It has been causing us concerns. We are having to look further throughout Australia for the best possible wheat flour. When the factory was first set up in Wendouree, a suburb of Ballarat, the drought was only in its infancy.

We have since been sourcing wheat flour from Benalla, just over the New South Wales border, as well as looking to see what is available in Queensland.

Will our prices go up? Inevitably they must but we guarantee that they will not double in price the way our raw materials have. We will spare you that at least.

We are optimistic that we will continue to be able to source the standard of organic wheat necessary to continue to meet the high standards that our customers deserve.

2008 Australia-Japan Foundation Achievement Awards Ceremony

Hakubaku Australia received an achievement award from the Australia-Japan Foundation on the 9th of May this year. The award was presented by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Stephen Smith, for Hakubaku’s efforts in advocating closer commercial ties between Australia and Japan.

In co-operation with our Parent company, Hakubaku Co., Ltd. Hakubaku Australia pioneered the production of organic dried noodles in Australia and has made a major contribution to the development of this product.

The achievement award was also for Hakubaku’s active promotion of exchange at the community level by introducing Japan's culinary traditions to Australians promoting Japan and all things Japanese to Australia. Hakubaku has worked hard at a grass roots level to introduce our products by regularly attending local produce markets, sponsoring Women’s day events at golf courses across Victoria and welcoming various school, business and social groups for tours through our factory.

The award was received by our former Managing Director, Doctor Yoshimori Endo (on the right of the picture) and our newly appointed Managing Director, Doctor Koji Tamagawa (pictured here with Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephen Smith).

Upcoming Events:

We often take part in local markets and while we have merely sold our products (at a great price), we are looking at including a bit of a taste testing at future markets. Upcoming markets include:

  • Ballarat Lakeside Farmers Market Saturday July 26, 2008 Wendouree Parade Lake Wendouree, BALLARAT 9.00am to 1.00pm
  • Ballarat Lakeside Farmers Market Saturday August 9, 2008 Wendouree Parade Lake Wendouree, BALLARAT 9.00am to 1.00pm
  • We can occasionally be found at the Talbot Farmers Market which runs from 9.00am to 2.00pm on the third Sunday of every month in the beautiful historic town of Talbot, Victoria. Lots to see there but make sure you rug up during the winter months.
HB No 1
How to Pronounce Our Name:

Our name is very easy to pronounce but you would be surprised at the many different versions that people come up with, here's how we say it:

Ha: ‘haha’ (laugh)

Ku: Coo like a dove

Ba: ‘Bah Humbug’

Ku: Coo like a dove.

It's that Simple

That's all from us for now. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on our products and our newsletter.
Keep an eye out for our modified packaging design which will be showing up on supermarket shelves over the next few months, we are hoping it will make us easier to find in your grocery store - let us know what you think.
From The Hakubaku Team